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Week 17: Saccing Factories, and tracking 50%

Trying to wheel and deal with oldschool (and particularly alpha) prices being what they are this year has made this project more difficult than I could have anticipated; nevertheless, here we are, and things are still moving right along. The goal from here on out is basically to get to 40 playable cards as quickly as possible, but within reason from a cost standpoint. The recent spike of Antiquities versions of Mishra's Factory felt like a good opportunity to leverage, as I was sitting on a pair of extra "summer" copies. A willingness to part with those netted me these:

Factory is obviously an important card for 93/94, and one that holds great nostalgia for me as well. I'd picked up the extras at a much lower price last year to help power multiple decks, but at the end of the day I'm fine with being minimally equipped for both Swedish and Eternal Central rules:

With the new acquisitions pictured above, I've hit the 50% mark for my deck, which is a fantastic a…

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